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RM 40.00
118 g
Uses: Nearly all nursing mothers experience milk leakage during their breastfeeding journey. The hormone oxcytocin causes Milk Ejection Reflex (MER) or letdown, a situation where milk leaks from one breast while mothers are nursing their baby on the other. It is uncontrollable. Commonly, moms use tissues, cloths and pads to clean and soak up the milk which is messy and becomes a hassle. PIGEON Milk Saver Pump collects these precious milk while keeping your hands free. All these milk will be saved for the baby instead of letting it go to waste. You can even use it to ease the engorgement. Description: - Unique flange shape creates good suction on breasts - Arch shape for easy cleaning and prevents dirt trapping - Made of 100% food grade silicone - Design with groove for easy pouring of milk - Anti-slip hook allows mom to attach their own lanyard to prevent slipping of the pump from the breast during usage - Suction base with easy detachment

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