Top Full Soya Milk

Choosing milk for your baby can be challenging. There are so much to consider: the nutritional value, baby’s taste preference, baby’s body condition, budget consideration, etc. 
Excellent Source of Nutrition for Healthy Growth and Development 

Soya milk is rich in protein, vitamins, amino acids and many other nutrients. Soya milk powder comes with a multitude of benefits that help to combat calcium loss, prevent childhood obesity and malnutrition, improve the immune system, etc. Also, the nutrients in the soya milk can be easily absorbed by our body (up to 98% of the nutrients), making it one of the most ideal choices of protein supplement.
Is Soya Milk Suitable For Baby? 

Soya milk has long been one of the best substitutes for breast milk, especially for babies with symptoms like cow milk allergy, lactose intolerance or diarrhoea problems. In comparison to animal protein, soya milk protein is a high-quality protein containing 9 amino acids, vitamins and minerals. It is sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of the baby’s healthy growth and development.
Additionally, soya milk powder can be easily digested and absorbed by the body, making it a preferred protein supplement over other protein sources like cow milk or meat.
Soya Milk Can Be A Good Supplement Too

As the babies enter 6 months of age, most babies are ready to begin eating solid foods as a complement to breast-feeding or formula-feeding. Given the high nutritional content in the soya milk powder, feeding the babies with soya milk can be an ideal supplementary choice that helps to improve their immune system.
Healthy Grow Soya Milk: Advanced Formula For Your Baby’s Nutritional Needs 

Healthy Grow Soya Milk by Top Full is scientifically formulated using advanced research and development expertise. It is enriched with protein, calcium, lutein, prebiotics, DHA, etc. to meet the necessary nutritional needs for baby’s growth and brain development.
Healthy Grow Soya Milk does not contain any additives and is suitable for both adult and infant. Build a healthy foundation for your baby, drop by Top Full Baby Shop at Taman Ekoperniagaan to find out more from our sales representatives!
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