About Us

Top Full embraces the earnest meaning of life’s best gift to humanity. 

Top means a dedication to give the best of attention, and Full signifies a blessing that completes one’s life. Together, Top Full carries with itself the meaning to complete lives with all well thoughts —— the exact significance accompanied by every newborn baby to the world.
The arrival of a newborn baby brings happiness and joy to the new parents. At Top Full, we are fortunate to witness and be part of your happiness. We are here to enrich lives and walk you through the beauty of parenthood journey. This dedicated spirit is what we advocate as the Top Full mission.
Just as how a seed takes time to sprout, bud and grow, a newborn baby needs plenty of care and attention. Every little progress in the growing up stage brings boundless of joy to the parents. Being parent ourselves, we understand how important it is to have a conducive environment for children to grow up happily, healthily and most importantly – safe. And this is what you can expect from Top Full, a dedicated environment to give you the peace of mind knowing you are giving your child not just the best environment, but the right environment for your child’s total well-being. 
Top Full - Accompanying you through every step of the way”
Top Full Confinement Centre
‘Top Full welcomes you to a whole new world’
As you begin your wonderful journey into parenthood, Top Full is here to bring you a homelike retreat where you and your baby can enjoy peaceful rest time with personalized postnatal care, healthy meals and attentive services.
Top Kitchen
‘Top Full celebrates joyful occasions with you’
When your baby turns one month old, it marks an important milestone that calls for a baby shower or a full moon celebration. With immense joy and love, Top Kitchen is pleased to serve you and your invited guests with scrumptious door-to-door food catering and full moon confectionaries. We are here to delight your friends and family with delicious food as they shower your little one with love, gift, and well-wishes.
Top Full Baby Shop & Baby Spa
‘Top Full explores the world with you’

As your baby starts to explore the world around them, it is important to make sure that everything they touch is absolutely safe. This includes their daily wear, toiletries, toys and food. At Top Full Baby Shop & Baby Spa, you can shop with a peace of mind knowing that the products we sell are verified harmless and non-toxic for infant as small as 0-6 years old. Besides, we also offer a quality baby spa service located on the second floor of Top Full Baby Shop where your baby can enjoy the fun moment in the water. Not only does baby spa promote brain development, but also a good way to boost a baby’s emotional stability, thereby improving the appetite. The greatest joy of parenting is none other than seeing your baby grow up happily, healthily. 
Top Full Childcare & Workshop
‘Top Full grows together with you’
For a child to have a strong mental and physical development, they need a conducive environment that is safe and reliable. At Top Full Childcare, we are staffed with experienced and well-trained individuals to provide you with the highest quality of childcare services you can rely on. You are also welcomed to join our on-going series of parenting workshops where you can develop the right strategies and mindset to deal with parenting challenges. With Top Full, you are never alone in the parenting journey. 
Tadika Top Full
‘Top Full learns together with you’
Entering the early years of childhood education, Top Full is the first to establish kindergarten incorporated with green building concept. We advocate green, low-carbon and eco-friendly environment for kids to learn and grow. Away from the hustle of the city, we provide a tranquil indoor and outdoor environment for kids to undertake their preschool education. (Opening in 2021)
Top Full Foundation
‘Top Full plants the seeds of love with you’
Being in this maternal and child industry, we are blessed to share the bountiful joy of parenting and witness the unconditional love of motherhood in every step of the way. On this account, Top Full envisions on passing the blessings by setting up a foundation to support underprivileged children and needy family with the access to quality education and assisted living. We pledge to contribute towards creating a world with equal opportunity for every child – every day. 
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