KUKU DUCKBILL The Dream of You Glass Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle BLUE 240ml (KU5871)
KUKU DUCKBILL The Dream of You Glass Wide-Neck Feeding Bottle BLUE 240ml (KU5871) KUKU KuKu Duckbill Bottle Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia, Skudai Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | Top Full Baby House (M) Sdn Bhd
RM 55.90
279 g
Wide caliber Easy to add milk powder Don't worry about milk powder spilling Spoonful falls easier Standard waist Standard baby bottle waist, unique micro-curved design Natural feel is good to hold and hold, and the volume is smaller when going out Real milk pacifier Perfect arc-like a kiss Milk-like curved design—engineering curve, which simulates the shape of the mother's breast. The baby can naturally fit the entire nipple and fit into the nursing nest, just like sucking real breast milk, so that the baby feels as natural as resting in the arms of the mother. Tear-proof mouth-patented tear-resistant ring, extending the life of the pacifier. Thick Milky Wheel Granules-Imitation of Breast Areola for Chewing Spiral Twill WaistEffectively Improves Pacifier Pull Resistance Partial atomization-prevent sticking to baby's tender lips U-shaped breather valve-double-sided air holes can double the rapid flow of gas Medical grade material 25 soft medical grade platinum liquid silicone Safety glass material Cold and heat resistance / Relief coefficient α-33 / High hardness, good disinfection / Non-toxic ink printing / BPA-free Nipple size: wide mouth cross type 0-6 months Capacity: 240 ml Color: Dark Blue/ Pink/Green Baby bottle cap / middle cap: Polypropylene (-20 ~ + 100 ) Feeding bottle: borosilicate glass (-40 ~ + 600 ) Pacifier: Liquid Silicone (-20 ~ + 120 )

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